A Taste of South India

Dosas are the crepes of the Indian world. Dosas originate from Southern India (places like Tamil Nadu and Kerala) but are also popular in Sri Lanka and Singapore. Dosas are generally gluten free, made from ground lentils or rice (however, wheat dosas are also available) and are served with an array of colourful chutneys in tiny silver bowls.

I had the opportunity to visit Udupi Madras Cafe in the heart of Mississauga that serves an impressive list of South Indian dishes (all vegetarian friendly). We went on a Saturday for lunch and Udupi wasn’t too packed but people were streaming in and out frequently. Bollywood tunes played over the sound system, sometimes too loud that I could not hear my fellow diners but I think someone in management realized this and turned down the volume.

We were a large group of 11 adults and 5 children but the menu had enough options to impress all palates.

The children ordered a mini pizza Utthapum from the Kids Corner menu. The picture is evidence of how quickly it was chomped down on. The dough was soft and the sprinkled spices with toppings of bell pepper, onion, and tomato ensconced between melted cheese was a delicious combination. My first reaction was, “this is like a really desi pizza.”


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