Naan & Kabob (Afghan restaurant review)

There are a plethora of Afghani restaurants in my locale these days. Crowd favorites include Watan and Bamiyan but now we have a new contender. Naan & Kabob is the latest restaurant to add itself to the ring. We visited Naan and Kabob during opening week. I was expecting fairly generic Afghan cuisine that you would find anywhere else. Though I am happy to report that the dishes far exceeded our expectations along with the lovely decor.


Looks rather inconspicuous

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Dunk’n Dip [Restaurant Review]

If you love chocolate as much as I do then Dunk’n Dip would be the perfect place for you. The recently opened Resto and Chocolate Lounge on Lakeshore Rd., Mississauga offers a variety of dishes mainly focusing on desserts drizzled in fountain chocolate.


The decor is cute and modern with wooden floors, deep couches, and really nice napkin arrangements. They also give you water in a cool glass decanter. The hostess was very helpful when we spent close to 20 minutes deciding from the menu. We went in an hour or so after opening time and the place was empty. We sat right by the windows watching traffic flow on the street.

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Nuwara Eliya and the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel

Hello my fellow travellers,

Nuwara Eliya is called the “Little England” of Sri Lanka because its rainy and wet there all the time. A few weeks back I visited the city, which is 2 Km above sea level. Expect your ears to pop several times on your way up as you pass Kandy and other smaller villages dotted across the hilly landscape.


One of the many waterfalls on the way to Nuwara Eliya
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The Manhattan Fish Market

Hello my fellow travellers,

Colombo is a perfect mixture of new and old; local cuisine and imported recipes. The Manhattan Fish Market is the very example of a Malaysian brand (with branches around the world) doing successfully well. The restaurant serves up an amazing batch of fish and chips (some of the best I’ve had) and makes a great impression with presentation.



The interior was cutesy and the menu was pretty clever with a fold out option and lots of pictures to show what your meal could look like. We were welcomed into the store by enthusiastic serves who seated us right away. We ordered two plates of fish and chips, a grilled fish platter, and two plates of dessert – Tiramisu and Chocolate molten cake.


The grilled platter wasn’t as delicious as I was expecting. The cod fish did not have any flavor and was soggy. No one likes soggy fish. The accompanying calamari and prawns were chewy and tasteless. I almost felt like the food was cooked a lot earlier and given to us 15 minutes after the fact. I wasn’t too impressed.

Mixed platter grill – 2/5

And though it may seem like things were going downhill the best thing on the menu was yet to arrive.


I cannot rave enough about the fish and chips. The fish was crunchy, did not have that characteristic fish smell, and I could barely taste the oil. The texture of crunch and warm soft fish was amazing. The tartar sauce that was given with the fish was addictive. I kept double dipping. The french fries were really well done, once again, without the characteristic oily taste. I would definitely go back to MFM for the fish and chips.

Fish and chips – 4.5/5

The Desserts


I loved the presentation for the caramel molten brownie. The server poured the caramel into a hot plate and like lava, the caramel encircled the brownie sizzling for several minutes. As for the taste, the brownie and ice cream were tasty but the caramel reminded me of omani halwa (a traditional sweet from Oman). As a kid I wasn’t that fond of Omani halwa so the taste kind of brought back that childhood tastebud tingle. Though everyone else loved the dessert.

Brownie plate with molten caramel – 3.75/5


Oh, the tiramisu is something special. Some of the best I’ve had. It was so light, fluffy, and the perfect hint of coffee.


Ain’t that cute? It’s supposed to look like a lobster.

Overall, our entire party had a wonderful evening at MFM and I’ll probably just keep swimming back for some more fish and chips and tiramisu.

Average rating: 4/5


No. 31 Deal Place (Duplication Road), Colombo 03, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Contact: 011 2 301901

The Muslim Hotel (restaurant) in Kandy

Hello my fellow travellers,

I visited Kandy last week, which is in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country. Kandy is far away in the mountains where curls of mists cling to the trees and the rain fall casts a hazy glow over the city.


Kandy is located 115 Km from Colombo and is considered the “cultural capital” of Sri Lanka. One of the two main attractions here is Kandy Lake, which was created by King Sri Wickrama Rajasinha in 1809. The lake is the centerpiece of the city and is a great place for an evening stroll.

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Traditional Sri Lankan breakfast – Jaffna style

Hello my fellow travellers,

There is plenty to see and do in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. There are beaches and different neighborhoods from white columned mansions to the metal roofed huts sitting close to rivers gleaming under the Sri Lankan sun.


The Indian Ocean

You can discover treasure trinkets in the marketplace bustling with men dressed in checkered sarong skirts and women in golden embroidered saris. You’ll find on one street a mosque, a church, and a temple.

You’ll also find delicious food carts interspersed in the city selling traditional cuisine steaming from styrofoam plates eaten in a lunch time dash. Then there are restaurant cafes that sell iced coffees, sweet french pastries oozing with cream, and crunchy chicken filled samosa. Colombo is a palette of different worlds artfully coming together.


Mini Vegetable Samosas

I had the opportunity of trying a traditional breakfast from Yaal Restaurant in Colombo. The cuisine is from the province of Jaffna, which is in the north of Sri Lanka. Cuisine varies from region to region in terms of spices used and whether its vegetarian or meat.


I’d give the entire breakfast a whopping 4.5/5. The breakfast is vegetarian friendly and consists of noodles made from brown rice, called string hoppers, moulded into small discs. Along with the string hoppers, you’re given a lentil soup, coconut chutney (SPICY!), and potatoes mixed with more spices.


It was difficult at first to dab the little noodle cakes into the lentil dish but after eating a few discs I got the hang of it. The string hoppers are unsalted and pair perfectly with the side curries.

The saffron colored coconut chutney is extremely spicy. I was sniffing all the way through my meal. The lentils on the other hand is a blend of onions, bay leaves, and salt. That was a reprieve for my tongue. Finally, the spicy potato curry also paired well with the noodles.

The Jaffna breakfast was quite different from what I am used to (eggs and toast anyone?). I’d definitely love to head back to Yaal and try out their lunch menu.

Yaal is located on Marine Dr, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Contact: +94 11 5 661313

Roadie Bites: Acacia Mediterranean Restaurant

Hello my fellow travellers,

Let me first begin by introducing my new series called Roadie Bites that takes a new spin on restaurant reviewing. If you’ve read some of my other reviews on Affy’s or Udupi, you might’ve noticed the awesome quality photographs and more details on a wide array of dishes.

Roadie Bites sort of does the opposite. Basically, it’s take out from a restaurant I’ve never tried, my cellphone camera, and my raw thoughts.

I’ve decided to begin with Acacia restaurant, which I happened to try last week on a whim. I pass Acacia on almost a daily basis as I head to class and was always intrigued by the store front. After Dine Halal’s alert on facebook on Acacia, I wanted to try a new Mediterranean cuisine restaurant (other than the same old Paramount).

Trust me, I was not disappointed!


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