Naan & Kabob (Afghan restaurant review)

There are a plethora of Afghani restaurants in my locale these days. Crowd favorites include Watan and Bamiyan but now we have a new contender. Naan & Kabob is the latest restaurant to add itself to the ring. We visited Naan and Kabob during opening week. I was expecting fairly generic Afghan cuisine that you would find anywhere else. Though I am happy to report that the dishes far exceeded our expectations along with the lovely decor.


Looks rather inconspicuous

Unfortunately, most other Afghani restaurants are not very dine-in friendly because they’re often lacking enough seats for large crowds and do not focus on decor. This is what I loved about Naan & Kabob – the ambiance and trendy design. The seating arrangement is open, they have wall art and prints everywhere, along with cute decanter bottles to pour water for yourself. Though it still remains true to the the self-serve style where you wait for your order to be buzzed and pick it up from the order area.


What really mattered for us, though, was the food. We ordered a plate of the Sultani Kabob along with Qabli palau and bolanee. Both dishes were deliciously flavorful and my favorite overall was the rice with shredded carrots and sultanas. The sweet and salty combination with the kabob was a different experience than the regular bland rice that most Afghani restaurants serve. Otherwise, the Sultani plate was classic fare – a side of salad, dressing, and well cooked spiced meat. Because I love sweet and savory combinations (I used to dip french fries in smoothies), I would rate the dish a 4/5.


Ensemble of colors 

The bolanee was great with the yogurt dip and with the kabob as well. Two of us dined here but we had enough to take home as leftovers. Albeit I was disappointed at the size of their naans that were given with the meal, which are much smaller than what you would find at Watan or Bamiyan but their soft, buttery texture made up for their petite nature.

IMG_20140419_124217 Bolanee

Prices are reasonable and on par with other Afghan restaurants, which is why I would recommend coming here for lunch time because of the two different menu items – the Qabli rice and the bolanee. I went in expecting typical dishes and left with a new appreciation for another aspect of Afghani cuisine.

Overall rating: 4/5 stars

Naan & Kabob is located at
30 Bristol Road E, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3k8

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies or brands mentioned – therefore the opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own. 



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