Hummus with Olive Turkish Bread [Brunch Edition]

Hello my fellow travellers,

As a part of the brunch series, I’m looking at different foods you can serve that are a bit different than the regular quiche or muffins. Hummus is perfect for such an occasion along with a nice, soft loaf of Olive Turkish bread (bought from Cobs Bakery). The hummus is a great dip for the bread. If you can’t find Turkish bread in your locale, you can either make it at home or find bread from a bakery that is soft, aerated, and slightly chewy in texture. Bakers are your friends, ask them to help you find something similar to Turkish bread.



Although I already have a hummus recipe on Travel Sized Bites, I thought these pictures could serve as an inspiration for your own brunch ideas. You can view the recipe here.


As you can see, I cut the Turkish bread into strips and further quartered them for easy dipping. You can also slice the bread down the middle for a grilled veggie sandwich.


Hummus is such a versatile food. Great for sandwiches, dips, or eaten straight from the bowl. If you try this recipe, let me know what you think in the comment section below.

āfiyet olsun!


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