Galle Fort and Peddler’s Inn Cafe

Galle Fort – a 16th century Portuguese fort perched by the Indian Ocean. Waves lap against jagged rocks and from the top of the fort wall you can occasionally spot a giant turtle swimming against the current. I love Galle Fort. One of my favorite places in all of Sri Lanka. I think I’m biased because of my history background and my love for cobbled streets and colonial architecture.


I went to Galle about three times on day excursions due to the ease of travel on the Colombo-Galle highway. If you know anything about Sri Lankan highways most of them are two way streets where you have to maneuver (and overtake) past hordes of buses, tuk tuks, and other cars if you ever want to reach your destination. The Colombo-Galle Highway, which recently opened is a lot nicer with two lanes for each side and the best part is that most people don’t even travel by highway. You have the whole road to yourself and can reach Galle in 45 minutes.


After walking around half of the fort we were famished. We decided to drive up and down the streets (which are meant more for walking) looking for a place to eat. We happened upon Peddler’s Inn Cafe – an old colonial house converted into a cool lunch time eatery. The menu was mostly Western cuisine like sandwiches, pasta, and steaks. As you walk further into the restaurant try to get the table at the end where there’s an antique rusty old motorbike and a giant tree in the middle of the house.


The chicken club sandwich we ordered was tasty minus the charred pieces of bread. The chicken was juicy and I liked the sauces lathered between the bread. The french fries were a little too salty. I was pretty hungry so I didn’t really mind. The dish I actually ordered for myself did not appeal to me at all after the first bite:


Don’t let looks fool you. This was supposed to be penne pasta with capers, broccoli, and parmesan but in the end all it tasted like was flat, chewy pasta with no flavor. I was disappointed. But after the server brought in our rice pilaf with some sort of secret sauce I was cheered once again. The rice was well done and the spice combo of red peppers and cumin was thoughtfully crafted.


And of course we bought dessert but I forgot to take pictures of the brownies because they were packed to go. The brownies were awesome – not too sweet, really chewy but slightly cakey. Though what I loved the most was Peddler’s chocolate gelato which was available across the street from the cafe. The waffle cone in which they served the gelato was fresh and crunchy. Soooo good. I had it every time I visited Galle.


If you’re ever in Sri Lanka make sure you dot Galle on the map as part of your itinerary. Its an amazing history filled place where the people are friendly, the food is delicious, and streets lively.

Suggested Places to Visit: 

1. Maritime Museum

2. Historical Mansion

3. Orchard House (store)


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