Nuwara Eliya and the Heritance Tea Factory Hotel

Hello my fellow travellers,

Nuwara Eliya is called the “Little England” of Sri Lanka because its rainy and wet there all the time. A few weeks back I visited the city, which is 2 Km above sea level. Expect your ears to pop several times on your way up as you pass Kandy and other smaller villages dotted across the hilly landscape.


One of the many waterfalls on the way to Nuwara Eliya

We stayed at the Heritance Hotel, a tea factory converted into a hotel. The part of me that loves history instantly fell in love with the hotel’s old walls and elevator and as well as the fresh decor. We were greeted with a cuppa after our entrance (spicy tea, which was absolutely delicious after a walk through the cold).


What a cute tea trolley!

We had cozy rooms on the fourth floor of the hotel with a wonderful view of the surrounding tea estate. Of course it rained nearly all day and the weather felt like a cold Canadian autumn evening (plus we forgot our jackets) but we still enjoyed the strawberries and cream in our room upon arrival.


Our appetites were ravenous after the long journey from Colombo. We entered the restaurant downstairs and were greeted by servers wearing traditional outfits from Colonial days: sarongs and white turbans.

Perhaps the most disappointing part of our trip was the food at the hotel. Despite lovely wood decor, old colonial charm, and sparkling lights, the food really missed the mark. The lunch menu was pri fixe and consisted of four courses. You had a choice of one dish per course from several dishes.


The fresh baked bread rolls paired deliciously with the lentil soup, which was perhaps the tastiest dish on the menu aside from the fruit. But you can’t really mess up fruit, can you?


The main dish, which was pan seared lamb chops with baked chicken kebab accompanied with sauteed vegetables was a big let down. My mouth watered with anticipation at a deliciously juicy meal but I could barely finish my plate. The lamp chops were so chewy that I could not bite through the tough meat. As for the chicken, it was as dry as a desert. The food unfortunately lacked personality and flavor, which the hotel so unabashedly displayed. The side of potatoes was, however, pretty good compared to the rest of the plate.


I was finally able to cleanse my palette with a fruit platter for dessert. Even dinner was not spectacular despite the full buffet display of Sri Lankan cuisine. We payed for full board, which meant we had breakfast, lunch, and dinner included in our stay.

If you have a car with you at the hotel, I would say skip on the full board and go with half board. Try the different restaurants that are located in Nuwara Eliya that may better suit your taste buds. The hotel is a great place to soak in history and rolling green fields but not a place to fill your appetite.

Hotel rating: 4.5/5

Food rating: 3/5

Contact details:

TEL : +94 052 5555000,

Here are some more pictures from my trip: 



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