The Muslim Hotel (restaurant) in Kandy

Hello my fellow travellers,

I visited Kandy last week, which is in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country. Kandy is far away in the mountains where curls of mists cling to the trees and the rain fall casts a hazy glow over the city.


Kandy is located 115 Km from Colombo and is considered the “cultural capital” of Sri Lanka. One of the two main attractions here is Kandy Lake, which was created by King Sri Wickrama Rajasinha in 1809. The lake is the centerpiece of the city and is a great place for an evening stroll.


A panoramic view of Kandy Lake

The other main sight is the Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic, which runs along Kandy Lake, and is said to house the tooth of Buddha.


The view from the top 

After a full day of exploring Kandy (mainly by car since the rain was quite torrential) we decided to head to Muslim Hotel – not really a hotel but a restaurant which was recommended by my Lonely Planet guidebook.

The Restaurant

The ‘Hotel’ restaurant has a family seating area upstairs with an amazing view of the mountains but in terms of decor and cleanliness I was not too impressed. The food, however, was top notch.

In our party of four we were tied: 2 said they would not dine at the restaurant again (because of cleanliness issues); 1 said they would eat at Muslim Hotel again; 1 said they would only get takeout (that was me by the way!).

By the way, clean means tables needed wiping and floors needed mopping.


The View from the family seating area

The Food and service

We ordered quite a few dishes from the menu but service was slow so we ended up cancelling two items since we were already full. Our food came in sequences which was irritating.

We ordered chicken samosas but received beef because the kitchen was out of chicken samosas. Despite the wrong order the samosas were delicious crunchy shells that housed a spicy beef filling.


Samosa – 4/5

We also ordered kottu which is a traditional Sri Lankan rotti chopped with vegetables and meat. The kottu was delicious – like an explosion of spices and vegetables and meat flavor in one bite. I loved the crunchy veggie texture complimenting the soft pillowy rotti. 


Kottu – 4.5/5

Chicken curry


Chicken drumsticks tossed with onions, red chilli powder, and some sort of sweet chutney created an ensemble of flavor. A bit on the spicy side but delicious with our side order of naan. 


Somebody couldn’t wait to tear a chunk from the naan 

The naan was frisbee sized but feather light and served the sole purpose of being eaten with the chicken and daal curry.

Chicken curry – 4/5

Naan – 3.5/5

My final thoughts on the restaurant: Delicious food but the restaurant could use some reworking. If I’m in Kandy again I’ll probably stop by for a kottu and samosa take out.


Food – 4/5

Service – 2.5/5

Decor/Atmosphere – 1.5/5

Location: Dalada Vidiya rd., Kandy


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