Traditional Sri Lankan breakfast – Jaffna style

Hello my fellow travellers,

There is plenty to see and do in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. There are beaches and different neighborhoods from white columned mansions to the metal roofed huts sitting close to rivers gleaming under the Sri Lankan sun.


The Indian Ocean

You can discover treasure trinkets in the marketplace bustling with men dressed in checkered sarong skirts and women in golden embroidered saris. You’ll find on one street a mosque, a church, and a temple.

You’ll also find delicious food carts interspersed in the city selling traditional cuisine steaming from styrofoam plates eaten in a lunch time dash. Then there are restaurant cafes that sell iced coffees, sweet french pastries oozing with cream, and crunchy chicken filled samosa. Colombo is a palette of different worlds artfully coming together.


Mini Vegetable Samosas

I had the opportunity of trying a traditional breakfast from Yaal Restaurant in Colombo. The cuisine is from the province of Jaffna, which is in the north of Sri Lanka. Cuisine varies from region to region in terms of spices used and whether its vegetarian or meat.


I’d give the entire breakfast a whopping 4.5/5. The breakfast is vegetarian friendly and consists of noodles made from brown rice, called string hoppers, moulded into small discs. Along with the string hoppers, you’re given a lentil soup, coconut chutney (SPICY!), and potatoes mixed with more spices.


It was difficult at first to dab the little noodle cakes into the lentil dish but after eating a few discs I got the hang of it. The string hoppers are unsalted and pair perfectly with the side curries.

The saffron colored coconut chutney is extremely spicy. I was sniffing all the way through my meal. The lentils on the other hand is a blend of onions, bay leaves, and salt. That was a reprieve for my tongue. Finally, the spicy potato curry also paired well with the noodles.

The Jaffna breakfast was quite different from what I am used to (eggs and toast anyone?). I’d definitely love to head back to Yaal and try out their lunch menu.

Yaal is located on Marine Dr, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Contact: +94 11 5 661313


In Sri Lanka: A few days break before I am back to blogging

Hello my fellow travellers,

Guess where I am? A clue – This country is known as paradise Island.

And here’s a picture of the country’s flag: Image

If you haven’t been able to guess yet, I’m in Sri Lanka! I’m here on a short vacation but will continue blogging. I’m going to put up a range of recipes from the usual to Sri Lankan local cooking that I will learn from our local chef.

I’m also, obviously, going to try out different restaurants and will also put up pictures from our daily adventures. Keep checking back for updates. I will post every Monday and Thursdays, insha’Allah.

Thanks for following along.

– Fatima