Affy’s Grill Review

We arrived at Affy’s in Mississauga around 9:00 pm. Our table was reserved for 8:45 and there is only a 15 minute hold but after making a mad dash, we made it in time. Fortunately, our table was still reserved despite the hoards of people inside. There was even a family of 6 at the front of the restaurant waiting to be seated. Keep in mind, always get a reservation at Affy’s even if it’s for two people. We went on a Thursday night and it was packed like a can of sardines. Apparently, Thursday is the new Friday.

Affy’s is a premium grill and steakhouse and first opened in Pickering (people flocked there from all over the GTA) and I guess the owners realized how successful their restaurant could be if they expanded to other parts of Ontario. Even the Mississauga location of Affy’s is a tad bit off the road, almost bordering Brampton. The bright, shiny spotlight bulbs and black panelled walls attest to Affy’s brand new opening.


Unfortunately, my biggest qualm with Affy’s was noise. The restaurant is not that big actually and as we sat in our booth at the back of the restaurant we could hear conversations all the way from the first booth near the entrance. I could barely hear my husband over the loud laughter from the booth behind us. They definitely need noise control. However, the food more than made up for this slight pestilence.

Our hostess was also very attentive and despite the crowd of people, I would say she did pretty well in terms of frequenting our table for water fill ups and asking if everything was okay.

Now on to the food!

We started by ordering a non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri that we shared between ourselves because we were not sure how it would taste. The drink was the perfect sugar boost I needed since I had come on an empty stomach. The citrus, sugar, and strawberry swirl was a great start to our meal.


As we waited for our entrees, the hostess dropped by a complimentary bowl of tortilla chips and salsa. My husband and I were debating whether the salsa was ‘homemade’ or store bought because it did not have that salty-preservative flavour you ordinarily get from store-bought salsa. Warning though, do not fill up on the tortillas otherwise you will end up full with not enough room for the main course! I fell for it too since my stomach kept growling.


I think between the time we received our daiquiri and our entrees, at least half an hour passed by (though time passed fairly quickly!) Since Affy’s is known for their steaks, my husband ordered a plate of filet mignon, with a side of mashed potatoes, and poutine.


The steak was cooked well, however, we later thought that it might have been better to go with medium well since it had a charred taste to it — I don’t like seeing too much blood in my meat! For me, the steak was overhyped but my husband gave it an 8/10. The filet mignon is a grilled 7 oz. steak with a topping of feta cheese, portabello mushrooms, and a butter glaze sauce. The mashed potato was mediocre, lacking savoury flavour and needed a lot of salt and pepper. My favorite part of the meal was the poutine! Some of the best poutine I have had. The beef gravy was delicious and paired excellently as a sauce with the steak.

I ordered the stuffed cajun chicken breast — this dish tastes even better reheated the next day (I couldn’t finish my meal so I took a portion home).


What lurks inside?

IMG_7559The yummy hidden spinach feta goodness inside.

I think after the poutine, the stuffed cajun chicken breast has to be my favorite. Stuffed with spinach and feta and topped with cajun garlic butter. The flavours combine so naturally and beautifully that this dish wins my top pick. I regret ordering the sautéed vegetables on the side. The vegetables tasted as if they were taken out of a frozen bag and thrown into a skillet with oil. Surprising, considering how delicious the chicken was. The baked potato was not only nicely presented but tasted delicious with a heaping of sour cream and melted cheddar cheese on top.

We were so stuffed by the end but we rallyed onto dessert. The hostess let us know the chocolate molten lava cake was not available, which made me sad because I remember Chilli’s molten lava cake in Dubai — man that stuff was gooood! We ordered the Tiramisu, which did not disappoint. Soft, light, fluffy with a tinge of coffee, that made the perfect dessert to end a meal with.


Now down to pricing. Affy’s is quite expensive (on par with Zaytoun Grill) and makes a great once-in-a-while restaurant. An average entree costs about $13-15 but well worth the money spent. So whether you are a steak lover or all about chicken, Affy has different dishes for all types of taste buds.


2 thoughts on “Affy’s Grill Review

  1. Assalamualaikum! The way you describe food is fantastic. This seems great. I should take my brother here, he looooves steak.

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