Hot Chocolat

Don’t worry! The ‘e’ is not missing from Chocolate. It’s the French pronunciation or the name of a movie. Or both.

So it’s winter. Dark, frosty, slushy, cold. You know what warms me up? A big cup of hot chocolate. With the occasional marshmallow.

In this blog post I want to review my fave hot chocolate brand and compare it with another brand I recently bought.

Duff roll please!


What I love about Green and Black’s hot chocolate is 1) It’s fair trade. As in farmers who grow and process the cocoa are paid a premium for their labour. It’s the way business should be done!

2) Not so sweet but a lot more chocolatey: Unlike regular hot chocolates like Cadbury or the other brand I’m reviewing (Camino), there is no excessive sugar or sweetness. Rather you would have to add the amount of sugar you want. That’s what I like about my food. That I can control the amount of sugar (or salt) I put into it and Green and Black’s allows me that option.

Here are the ingredients: Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder, Organic Dark Chocolate Powder (Organic Chocolate Liquor, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, (Emulsifier), Organic Vanilla Extract.


One set back is that you might need to use an extra tablespoon of hot chocolate than the regular brands to get that extra sweet kick but that’s a personal preference for me. I still prefer it above other brands because it makes the milk so chocolatey!

Price: Sorry to say I lost the receipt (at least I’m being transparent) but I think a 600 g hot chocolate jar fairs around $7-8 (from memory).

Sadly, the only place I could find this brand was in Whole Foods.



The other time I couldn’t find my regular G&B in Whole Foods was when we decided to try another brand. Camino milk hot chocolate.


1. Fair trade: Like I said, the way business should be done!

2. Does cute packaging count? Its all purpley.

A family member who tried it liked it. I accidentally heaped in two tablespoons in my milk because I was still thinking in terms of G&B sweetness – as in relatively lower sweet content. I was blown away. This hot chocolate is really sweet! I’m not even sure how sweet it would taste with even 1 tbsp of chocolate powder. I felt like the taste was not as rich and chocolatey goodness as G&B.

Take a look at the ingredients list:  golden cane sugar°*, skim milk powder°, cocoa powder°*, guar gum°, sea salt, carob bean gum°, vanilla powder°. °Certified Organic. *FAIRTRADE CERTIFIED

So comparing the ingredients from G&B and Camino, I found the G&B ingredients a lot more unrefined and wholesome. The Camino milk hot chocolate powder barely has any cocoa butter or mass. However, compared to other brands like Hershey’s, Camino is a healthier option if you want fair trade and organic without loads of packed preservatives and unreadable ingredients.

Price: 6.99 at Highland Farms and Loblaws. Whole Foods always hikes up prices, which is one thing I abhor about Whole Foods. You don’t have a monopoly on organic and natural!

 Let me know of your favorite hot chocolate brand in the comments section below.



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