Fun Friday: Rangila Burger review

Hello world!

I’ve decided to devote Friday’s for restaurant reviews. I’m going to start today with a restaurant I visited in Pakistan this past summer. Rangila Burger is a burger joint but they also do Chinese. Oddly enough, when you read down the menu you see cheese burger, double cheese burger, and then it turns into chicken shashlik and chicken chow mien.

Rangila Burger claims itself the “best fast food point in Lahore.” Established in 1985, Rangila is a small place tucked in an alley on one of the busiest roads in Lahore. You could easily miss Rangila when driving by.

Unfortunately, all I have left from this burger joint is the crumply flier, which I’m still going to share because one picture is better than no picture.


My cousin in Lahore rated the place high in her books and said we should definitely try it. One day on our way home from shopping we decided to take a quick stop. We didn’t head in the first time but ate in the car since the restaurant is down an alleyway (initially, that sounded really shady to me).

We ordered the chicken and beef burger combos. The burgers came in cute boxes with the logo inscribed on top. The portion was large and filling. Each combo came with fries, coleslaw, but drinks were separate.

The fries were home cut. I love home cut fries because they’re crispy and don’t taste plastic-y. I don’t fancy coleslaw too much so I just kept it to one side because I wanted to attack my beef cheese burger.

The burger was delicious! A bit odd that they put a fried omelette inside but I think it really added to the meaty flavour. The patty was obviously fresh and there was none of that charred, hard frozen taste that one usually gets from mega-corporation burger joints *cough* McDonalds *cough*

And guess what? One combo cost us Rs. 170! That’s like a $1.74 in Canadian terms. That’s like a steal! And all ingredients were a 100% fresh.

The second time we went to Rangila, we decided to head inside the restaurant since it was my last day in Lahore with all my relatives. To be honest, just get take out. The place was a bit run down and very small for our party of 13. The plates and utensils the server gave us were not the squeakiest clean and I’m very particular when it comes to clean plates and spoons. Heed my advice and order take out or delivery.

For my last Rangila visit I decided to switch my order to chicken burger and it was equally as good as beef. Just as fresh and juicy. Others in our group ordered the sandwiches and found them on par with the burger.

Overall I would rate Rangila Burger 4 out of 5 forks. 

Location: 87-The Mall Road, Lahore. Opposite AlFalah Building.

Contact: 36367529, 36285493 – Office and home delivery available.


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